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An Art Show in the Country

Art lovers from Minnesota, and beyond, came together for an afternoon of art & to engage with the artist, Yvonne Herrmann.

Yvonne welcomed art lovers to her rural home to get a peek into the beauty that provides her inspiration. They were given the opportunity to experience the place where her art is kindled amidst her farm animals, her gardens, and the countryside that surrounds her.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided both a forced isolation – and an allowed isolation. For the artist, Yvonne Bleed Herrmann, the creative process that was derived from this isolated environment expanded both the exploration of her current art and encouraged introspection in a new way. A few key pieces of the art showcase were created during this era.

At the art show, Yvonne’s desire was for the viewer to reflect on their own pandemic isolation in a positive way.

Yvonne's COVID-19 Art


Oil on Canvas

"Rachel feeding mangel-wurzel beets to her sheep in the pasture was a common sight while they lived on the farm next door! I painted this for her and her husband Brad, as a wedding gift.”

“Let Dry Land Appear”

(Genesis 1:9)

Oil on Canvas

“This is the latest piece in my “Creation Series,” which I created over the past several years to recognize the Creator, the Artist of Artists.”

“Flower in a Meadow”

Colored Pencil

“The name Kimberly means 'Flower in a Meadow.' This piece was inspired by and honors my friendship with Kimberly.”

This art show was funded by the Resiliency Grant awarded to Yvonne by East Central Regional Arts Council (ECRAC). The Arts Council responded to the Pandemic and the obvious need to support local artists struggling with isolation.

Yvonne with her Grant Officer

During the art show, over 75 guests had a chance to visit with Yvonne, discover and discuss her visual art, and delve into the inspirations behind her visual creations. This showcase was her debut to the public to display the breadth and depth of her artistic expressions.

Although she does not limit her subjects or mediums to specific styles, she discovered that certain trends emerged during this phase of her career. While her art has always been inspired by the natural world, her use of abstraction in oil and watercolor paints has emerged more fully in her exploration of her emotional responses to the world. Her desire is to inspire and evoke similar visceral responses for and within the viewer. Through the mediums of colored pencil, graphite, and ink, her use of realism encourages the viewer to appreciate details in the natural world. Taking her passion for abstraction into the 3-dimensional world, guests of the showcase had the opportunity to view her unique, one-of-a-kind designs in clothing creations and other textiles.

Select Pieces from the Art Show

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Jan 16, 2022

I would have loved to stay at your art show last summer longer to enjoy the depth of your artworks! I am enjoying seeing them on this site!! Colleen Woods

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