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Yvonne Bleed

Meet the Artist

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Yvonne Bleed Herrmann  

is a gifted professional artist with a lifelong passion for creating art. She has expertise in a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil painting, drawing, mixed media and textile art, though her passion is graphite pencil. 

Yvonne’s passion for creating art has been lifelong. A colorist at heart, she continues to be inspired by the intensity of color in nature, which inspires the majority of her artwork. After all, earth without art is just ‘eh’. She has won several awards locally, nationally and internationally.


A skilled ‘sewist’ (sewer+artist) she creates art-to-wear, through the steps of clothing design and pattern making, onto the construction of the final garment made in natural fabrics.

Having studied art her entire life, Yvonne’s formal education includes college, a variety of workshops, as well as independent study under the private tutelage of professional artists.

Actively involved in her local arts group, East Central Regional Arts Council (ECRAC), she has written and received multiple grants in her visual art genre which have served her well in continuing her visual arts career.

Much of Yvonne's art is inspired by the beauty of her home in rural Minnesota. Her garden, her animals, and the countryside around her farm kindle the spark of her creativity. 

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